HTML colors sorted by edibility

Food tier

 Tomato - My favorite food!





 Chocolate - Mmm!














 Fuchsia - Apparently fuchsia is a berry! I didn't know that.

Weird food tier


 Lavender - I did check, and apparently all of these flowers are edible.


 BlueViolet - Apparently a species of violet.














 ForestGreen - I suppose tree leaves are edible.


 Aqua - More drinkable than edible, really.

 Chartreuse - Did you know this is a type of liquor?

 Wheat - Awfully chewy on its own.

Things you could probably eat if you tried?

 Moccasin - Made of leather.

 RoyalBlue - Eat the rich!

 CadetBlue - Eat the military too!

 DodgerBlue - Apparently based on the color of a baseball team's uniform.

 Coral - I think they're mostly calcium carbonate exoskeletons.

 LightCoral - Even more calcium carbonate, I guess.

 SeaGreen - Sea water isn't even a good drink, but maybe the darker hues have some nutritional algae or something?


 DarkSeaGreen - Why is this one lighter than SeaGreen and MediumSeaGreen?


 SeaShell - Crunch


 Linen - Yuck, fabric.





Hard to chew




 Sienna - Pigment

 Indigo - Pigment

 IndianRed - Pigment



















Too big

 Navy - I know I said eat the military, but you can't eat an entire navy, especially if you include the boats.

 Peru - This is a country.









These are all the ones I couldn't categorize because they're not based on nouns.

 AliceBlue - This is a color named after a person, but it doesn't really represent that person.

 AntiqueWhite - Antique what?
































 MediumSpringGreen - I'm not recognizing the "spring green" colors as representing plants.


 NavajoWhite - This refers to the color of the flag.





 PowderBlue - Powder?? What kind??